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My hand painted acrylic Oracle has been fully funded on Kickstarter! A big thanks to everyone and their support! The twenty-four runes of the Elder Futhark were created into twenty-four unique acrylic paintings to produce the Enchanted Runes oracle deck. Each one has its own style! I feel like this gives the individual card its own energy in a way. I hold each rune so close, so I wanted them to feel different, enchanting, mesmerizing, special, and to each have their own captivating and symbolic imprint.


PLEASE NOTE: Limited decks are beind made and should arrive late Feb. Secure your copy of the Enchanted Runes Oracle Deck by pre ordering yours now. Pre orders will have the original Kickstarter price, afterwards the price of the deck will go up a bit.  

PREORDER Enchanted Runes Oracle Deck

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