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This is an acrylic painting based off of the crab nebula. It is located and still visable in the constellation of Taurus. It is beautiful remenents caused by a catastrophic death of a large, bright star. Called a supernova. An explosion can give off more light in that single instant than the sun gives its entire lifetime. The star died so violently that is created a pilsar that spins that spins 30.2 times per second. It emits pulses of radiation from gamma rays to radio waves. I thought it was insane that a star dying in such a way made something so beautiful. So i decided to paint it in a way that if a verson of ourself dies, we can turn into something more stunning than the part that was shedded. 

Crab Nebula

  • This print also comes in diverse sizes from small to large. We also offer different materials (high gloss print, canvas, and aluminum metal). Everything comes with a wall mount (other than our high gloss paper prints). Please watch my video on the varied materials to get the best idea of which one works best for you.


    Aluminum Metal: It comes with hanging fixture already mounted on back. Easily hangs on any wall. Very lightweight and photograph can be cleaned with water and your household cleaner. Top vibrancy and very eye catching. Beautiful new way to a very modern look. Well worth the price difference.


    Canvas: It is stretched over our classic standard frame. Sturdy and holds in color perfectly. Is built to last and is comes ready to hang on any wall. Traditional and very timeless look. It is the classic way to go, and you can't go wrong with classic.


    High Gloss Paper Print: It is made with high quality paper that portrays color amazingly and shines perfectly. It is affordable and can be framed in whatever you decide looks best fit for the room you intend to decorate. 


    Please note that some photography pieces are to be trimmed to fit the most commonly used print sizes. They will be cropped to the best of the photographers abilities.

  • There are no refunds available at this time.

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