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High Gloss Print: 


Print (SMALL) 8"x10"               -     $19.99


Print (MEDIUM) 16"x20"         -      $54.99   


Print (LARGE) 20"x30"            -      $74.99       

Wrapped Canvas Print:​

Canvas (SMALL) 12"x16"          -       $109.99

Canvas (MEDIUM) 16"x24"     -        $154.99

Canvas (LARGE) 24"x36"       -        $199.99

Aluminum Metal Print:

Metal (SMALL) 11"x14"                -     $124.99

Metal (MEDIUM) 16"x24"             -     $209.99

Metal (LARGE) 24"x36"                -     $314.99

Please Note:

Some artworks are unique sizes. I try to either crop them to the best of my ability or try to outsource to another print shop that can print the different size. So sizes may vary depending on each piece!

Hi There, 


     Welcome to my online art shop. I am excited that you are here!  I fell in love with multiple mediums. Below you will see a variety of acrylic paintings, watercolor, oil paintings, colored pencil pieces and digital artworks. They range in many different unique styles and ideas. I hope you find something you love and enjoy as much as I did while creating it. Thanks for supporting my passion for the arts! 

         Much Love From Your Artist,


                                Jennifer Cabanaw

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