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                                                            Hey everyone, my name is Jen. I am both the photographer                                                            and the painter of the pieces you see in my shop. A 26 year                                                              old artist who grew up with a passion for the arts ever since I                                                            was a little girl. Just a young child feeling inspired by my                                                                      brothers works of art I would see them do in the garage of                                                                our old house. The first time selling my art, I was probably                                                                  only 5. I remember I sat underneath the dining room table                                                                and used the bench as a place to layout my "art" and sold                                                                  them for a dime each to my 6 brothers, 3 sisters and my parents. Big family, huh?! I even remember running around the main floor telling everyone that they had to get there early to get the "good stuff". So I guess  you could say I started early on my en devours to become a full time artist. 

   Growing up through high school I was always known as the shy artist girl. Who knows if that                                   was because of my actual art I completed in class or because everyone just                                   assumed I was an artist because of my bright, colorful skinny jeans and my                                   extreme  lack of motivation for math class. I fell in love

with almost every medium: sculpting, painting, charcoal, pencil, ceramics.

You name it and I've probably worked with it. Although, it wasn't until half-

way through high school that I did my first painting shown on the right.

Acrylic paint ismy main medium that I use now. I am extremely grateful for my teachers that got me into it. 

                                         Moving on to college, I graduated with an

                                         Associate of Arts. I feel like that was really my

                                         growing point as a person. I grew out of my shell

                                         and most of my social anxiety. Sure I still get

                                         nervous sometimes speaking about my art in

                                         person, but no where near as quiet as I used to

                                         be. It really brought me out of my shell. Through

this time, I was accepted into art shows, learned new skills and got voted

for "The Most Artsy Looking Person on Campus." Again probably be-

cause the feathers, bright colors, and constantly having either charcoal

or paint on my hands and clothes. Sorry everyone, I have officially

moved on from the neon colors now days. This is also the time that I met the love of my life in my first photography class. I learned a new form of creativity and got a fiance out of it, too. We've been together for 7 years now. His name is Jordan, and he is into digital art. If any of you are looking for a good comic book to read next, he has one coming out soon! Anyways, college was my stepping stone into the real world. I completed my degree in 2015. 

After school, I finally got to get out of working security jobs and moved on to a new traveling portrait job. This is where life got interesting! It was because this job that sent me to different states each weekend that Jordan and I got a 1994, 34 ft  Coachmen RV to travel around the U.S. with full time. We even took along our two cats, Patch and Boo. The cutest

two kitty's ever. We sold and donated everything we had in our townhouse and

                                            adapted to the idea that, "Less is More". We traveled

                                            to Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado,

                                            Nevada, New Mexico, and some other states too. I

                                            absolutely loved traveling around in that clunky thing. We did this for about four or five years.  I pivotal point in my career was that I started moving away from the portrait photography to landscapes. Because Jordan and I ended up

hiking so much and I loved photographing our adventures. I remember 

                          we took on a work camp project over in the Redwoods.

                          It was the most peaceful time, and painting out in front

                          of the trees was truly an experience I will never forget. Even met a baby bear we named Red Paw.  It was little things that kept me going on this art journey, like being featured in a newspaper. Granted it was just for the RV parks in Tucson, Arizona. But it really made me excited for the  future!

I began to really be known and actually experienced success when we moved to Portland, Oregon.We ended up staying there for quite a while because I was able to participate in the                                                        Portland Market each weekend. I was fortunate to be a part of an                                                     environment so full of unique artists and I grew so much from it.                                                     Here is a photo of my first booth there! Being surrounded by                                                           artists and art lovers really pushed me to  create and photograph                                                     more than ever before. I actually would  like to have a home there maybe someday because of the positive experience I had gained there.









                             Jordan and I decided to move back to our home state of Colorado for our                                     wedding in 2021. It is so different then the previous years of travel. We                                         made sure to get a place with a 2nd bedroom of which we

                             now made into an epic art room. It's strange not putting

                             every painting and photography print into the spare space

                             underneath the RV bed. Now they can be out and about.

Boo loves it here too. I am sure she doesn't miss the long drives.


I thank my family, friends and Jordan for genuinely being so supportive in my en devours to being a full time artist and photographer. I love being able to

create pieces that people feel drawn and attached too. My sense

of purpose comes from imagining my art on someone else's wall

that they fall in love with just as much as I felt when creating it. I

hope my work gives you all smiles and happiness.  I am so thank-

ful to be where I am at and it is all thanks to the people like you in this world that appreciate the arts. You really are making my dream come true. A long step from selling my art for ten cents underneath a dining room table.


So thank you! I truly mean that.  



                          Onward I go on the path to growing, learning and creating even more!



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