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Hey Everyone, 

    I wanted to let all of you know that I have redone my art website.

All Around has been up for so many years, I know it's crazy! It is a big change but a much needed one. I will be deleting All Around soon and will be moving forward as Ruby Jen Creations.

Same vibrant art but a new business name.

Keep in touch! Go check out the new page this week and enjoy 10% off prints. Coupon Code: rubyjencreations



Your artist, 
      Jennifer Cabanaw



  • AFTERPAY, you can now pay in increments of four over a period of time instead of all at once!

  • All available Originals featured in the Kickstarter, Enchanted Runes Oracle, will now be released for purchase and prints on the new website!

  • New detailed painting descriptions!

  • Upcoming LIMITED releases for 2024 revealed!

  • Know all my upcoming events with the new EVENTS page

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